Fayetteville TV options

Just bought a house near Catfishhole for my kiddos. They have Ozarkgo internet. What are my best options for tv service with an emphasis on sports. I have direct tv and Netflix at home they can piggyback off to a certain extent.

If you don’t mind paying, get Cox with the sports tier. I had it for years and never missed a sporting event that I wanted to see. I have Hulu now and get just about everything, with the exception of the handful of baseball games that are on CST.

I’m envious of those with OzarksGo. It is available in the neighborhood across the road from us, but they are on the Fayetteville substation we are on the Johnson substation and it won’t be available here for another year. I’ll drop Cox internet once it’s available here.

Thanks Matt. Saw where Ozark also offers a tv package but can’t find a bundling price.