Fayetteville regional – betcha dollars to donuts…

…two things…

First, that our regional is paired with national seed Texas Tech for a super regional if we both prevail in the first round…

Second… That Texas is sent to Fayetteville as the #2 seed…

Yes, Please!!

Mizzou St as 2
Okie St as 3

Here is why I think we get Texas instead of Missouri State as our number two. As of today, Texas is 18 in RPI, while Missouri State has slid to number 31. Typically, you’re going to put the more difficult number two seeds in the regionals with the last teams to make it in as regional hosts, while rewarding the national seeds with the less difficult number two candidates. Going by RPI, Texas would seem to fit our profile as the unofficial 13th - 15th seed… while Missouri State, at #31, would be a better choice for one of the top seed’s number two…

I think Texass gets sent to Houston, which IMO gets the 16th regional host spot, and Paperclip U comes to Baum.

On a completely unrelated note, I think the Chickens have zero shot at getting into the tournament now. They needed to either reach the finals or have very few teams win their way into the tournament in conference finals. Teams like Illinois State and Rice will have the Poultry sitting in its nest Friday.

I think the committee looks at the names Texas and Arkansas and just… blinks. We left the SWC 25 years ago. It’s still vivid in the mind of us ancient flatuses, but for everyone else it’s irrelevant and forgotten. A lot easier (and insures great ticket sales) to send the Fallopians 163 miles down Highway 290 to Cougar High. They don’t have to worry about ticket sales at Baum. The Hog Pen will be packed. (Although the long-range weather forecast for next weekend is not promising.)

And I think Oral Roberts will be the 4 seed. Would be a challenging regional.

Wiz, they really don’t seed that way

It’s much more about geography and making travel easier and less expensive

We will get some combination of Mo St, Ok St, ORU, Oklahoma.

Texas goes to Houston
Oklahoma may wind up in Lubbock or Ft Worth


And we didn’t get paired with Tech either.

They didn’t send EOE to Houston, they sent the Aggies who are even closer (100 miles from Blue Bell Park to Cougar Field).

Nailed it, Scott. In order.

Texass got shipped to Long Beach, which is fine with me. The farther the better. They wanted to join the Pac 12 anyway. Paperclips went to Louisville.

Yep . . . missed it.

I think all of us were surprised that Texas got shipped that far away. Most of you thought they would be in Houston, but if they can be placed on the West coast, Fayetteville was not out of the equation either.

It seemed logical for us to be paired with either Tech or TCU. I guessed wrong. However, living in DFW, this sets up (potentially) better for me anyhow.

I’m anxious to get the games started.

And, congrats to those of you whose crystal ball was more accurate than mine.

Mostly, the committee wants shortest bus rides possible. They do not want to pay for air planes. The critics have been out for several years to make it about seeding it 1-64. They don’t. It is much about economy.

There was a time when it was worse. The highest bids got the regionals. That played in our favor with Baum. Most college parks didn’t measure up with capacity so they looked at the good teams with good capacity because of bids. Then they reduced it to a minimum bid plus percentages. And they set it so almost everyone could hit that number although a few lost money doing it.

Now the next step is to disregard geography and just seed it 1-64. Only fair way to do it.

Look at the Lexington regional and compare it with Fayetteville, Houston and Fort Worth. Not even close.

I don’t see them seeding 1 through 64 anytime soon. I think the intermediate step will be seeding 1 through 16 so that the supers will be more equitable, although they may have done some of that this time anyway pairing Oregon State and Clemson. They sure didn’t go with geography for that pairing.