Fayetteville NIL Club questions

Curious how many are familiar with this NIL effort directed toward the football players, and if anyone on the board has signed up.

It began selling passes yesterday afternoon and initially capped the total to be sold at 2,000. Earlier this morning it had sold 135.

Personally I’m a little surprised it hasn’t had a more enthusiastic embrace since so many fans on message boards seem to clamor for us to compete in this sphere. I don’t know how well it has been promoted though; on social media I only have Twitter and have seen it there.

Go Hogs!

I have received about 3 emails from this group(?) and 2 of those were yesterday. After receiving the first email several days ago, I responded with a couple questions to include what the minimum amount to purchase an access pass would be. Have not had a reply. It just doesn’t strike me as being well organized. I’m guessing they obtained my email address from Hogs+/Razorback Brew or one of the 2 message boards that I peruse daily.

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They supposedly had 1500 show interest, want to be on the early sign up, like you, I am surprised at the low numbers. I purchased one just to see what it will be about, but the numbers so far are embarrassing.

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