Fayetteville game time weather

I was surprised to see sustained 20 mph winds and 30 mph gusts forecasted. Could play havoc with the passing and kicking games.

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Shine on the Razorbacks tomorrow sweet Jesus.

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As long as it is windy & gusty on both sides of the field. Beat Kiffin & Ole Piss!

It’s a beautiful fall day. Not a cloud in the sky. The wind is really strong. Will definitely play a factor in picking the field direction during coin flip

I have been to many Fayetteville games in my 72 years. The wind used to be such a huge factor when the stadium had no end zone structures. Fayetteville is a windy place anyway, but those punters back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s had a lot of trouble. I have seen punts go for negative yards and for 70-80 yards with the wind. The 2 end zone structures have negated the wind to a large degree.

I took the kids to the playground this morning and the wind was already fairly strong.

Aloha Matt,

Enjoy as much time as you can with your children. They will be your most precious moments. Can never get lost time back. You were wise to find quality time with them this AM!


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I walked the backyard with the pooper scoopers and played with the dogs after that. It is definitely blowing and all of my neighbors leaves are now in my yard.

It will be out of the north in a couple of days, and they’ll be back in theirs. Unless it rains, which it hasn’t done in two months in Fayetteville.

If only, the neighbor to the North has a hedge between our yards. So once the leaves pile up against her hedge, they are there to stay until raked or otherwise removed.

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