Favre Estimates he had 1000 Concussions

Sounds a little high to me, but I am certainly not qualified. And somebody posted last week the UFC should be banned. :sunglasses:

Considering that, how credible is his estimate?

Sorry, don’t think so.

Kinda smells like an alibi for the current Mississippi welfare scandal he’s in the middle of…

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A thousand? That’s nothing. I heard Wilt had 20,000 concubines.

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Well Brett’s been known to stretch the truth just a tad LOL

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Maybe not a thousand but that man took some shots and got up winked at the defender who delivered it. That one playoff game against NO I think, he got hit late a lot. Once right in the mouth & face. Refs let it slide almost as if to say take that. In this day flags would fly everywhere.

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