Favorite local breakfast and lunch spot in Fayetteville?

what is your go to local eatery in Fayetteville for lunch or breakfast?

Are you recruiting one?

I love a traditional breakfast but rarely eat it anymore because I’m trying to watch my diet. Can’t help you there.

I like the Catfish Hole and JJ’s, for lunch.

Tim’s Pizza on the square is always a tradition for lunch when I first roll into Fayetteville! Never miss it! There is a craft brewery next to it and their pizza is solid. I ALWAYS get the Tim’s International.

Rick’s Bakery is a great little breakfast spot.

Also a fantastic burger joint about 20-30 steps off the square (just down from the bank heading north) and the name is slipping me at the moment but I have a feeling one of our great fans on here know it! I know RD and DD know it.

That’s Hugo’s. Best burger I’ve ever had, and still do on a frequent basis. Good for lunch, too. But my favorite lunch spot is TJ’s Sandwich Shop on Rolling Hills.

Best breakfast is easy…Emelia’s on Dickson.

On the weekends , Penguin Ed’s BBQ has a great breakfast menu. The one on mission and crossover.

Ricks Iron Skillet for breakfast.

Thx guys.

A new burger joint on Wedington is CJ’s Butcher Boy burgers.

Rave reviews.

Prelude Breakfast Bar in Fayetteville is great!


Thanks Hogin58 - was having a temporary brain fart and knew one of you would come through for me lol! Great place to eat!

Hammontree’s is a great place for lunch. Its on West Ave., right behind what used to be Hog Haus.

I echo breakfast at Rick’s. I almost always order the “People’s Favorite.”

CJ’s is great as is Hugo’s. I’m a regular at TJ’s as well…