Fau Chomps the Gators 7-4

To force game 2 baseball’s a strange game USM beat this team 4 times and a couple of them were beatdowns

As an Arkansas fan, are you cheering for the SEC team in this game? Or FAU? The same goes for the Ole Miss-Tennessee Tech game.

If FAU and Tennessee Tech can pull off these upsets, all of the other national seeds are out of Arkansas’ side of the bracket.

I’m pulling for Tennessee Tech and am not concerned much about the Gators’ outcome.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing both of them eliminated! Only one SEC team I care about making it too and winning the NC in Omaha. The Arkansas Razorbacks:bangbang:
Go Hogs:bangbang:

It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the Gators in Rebels get put out makes it easier for us if we get there

I don’t particularly relish the thought of facing TTU’s bats in Omaha. Getting rid of UF is OK with me. Was really hoping Indiana would put Texass out too.

Definitely pulling against Rebels and Gators

I have gotten sick of hearing about how Florida is head and shoulders above everybody else.

And Missy…
Well I just hate ‘em

Florida has three first-round picks in tonight’s MLB draft. We have none. We’re 2-2 head to head this season against them (all road/neutral) and they’re in danger of getting those three into minor league rosters a few weeks earlier than anticipated.