FAU by the numbers

They are 7-3 and have a good shot at the CUSA title game. However, if they lose one of their last two( @UTSA, or a decent Southern Miss team) Marshall or even WKU would be a decent bet to win the division.

They have thrown 36 times a game and run 39 times a game( which is a little deceiving since college rushing stats include sacks). 283 passing per game and 151 rushing. TOP is a bit over 29 minutes.

They throw to their TEs a lot-74 catches/ 7 TDs between two guys.

Kiffin has attracted several transfers from Power Five conferences. His QB, Chris Robison, was a highly recruited guy who started at Oklahoma. The backup QB transferred from Indiana. They’ve got several others sprinkled on the roster who transferred to FAU from Power Five schools.