Father of Shea Patterson (Ole Miss QB) flames Nutt

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That’s funny. He calls HDN “gutless” because he filed his lawsuit the day before the SEC media day. He seems to forget that HDN only asked for an apology from Ole Miss or Hugh Freeze. It was “gutless” to me that Freeze and Ole Miss never offered such apology, so HDN hit them when and where it would hurt the most.

They deserve les miles now at ole miss.

I wish John L. Smith upon those fine folks at Ole Miss. Deserved.

First, this “father” needs to get a room with Ms. Mustain.

Second, he is a very poor judge of character if he feels sorry for Freeze.

Third, he is part of the problem if he blames Nutt for ruining these “kids” moment in the spotlight. Hugh Freeze ruined their moment. Ole Miss ruined their moment, but this “father” can’t blame them because his kid is in school there.

Fourth, if this “father” was a a “father” in the least bit, he’d shut his mouth, pull his kid out of that school and put him a program that really does care about him. However, by getting his name out their through this ridiculous article, there is little chance that will ever happen.


The father doesn’t deny any of the NCAA or Nutt Defamation Suit allegations, he just complains that the timing took the attention away from his son during the SEC Media Event. Nutt’s lawsuit revealed to Ole Miss that they had some serious Hugh Freeze issues that were going to be revealed to the world and the NCAA during the discovery portion of the lawsuit. Ole Miss made the immediate decision to fire Freeze! The timing of that firing and “revealing why” was Ole Miss’ decision not Nutt’s. Ole Miss and apparently this QB’s father need an outside villain to focus on and try to pass the blame onto. Ole Miss is still trying to make Nutt that distraction from their widespread guilt and corruption and it is not working. I am not a Nutt fan but I am even more not an Ole Miss fan. JMVVVVVVHO.

That’s disgusting. Nutt was absolutely within his rights to file that suit. I don’t know what the statute of limitations is for defamation in Miss, but there’s a chance that dictated the timing of the suit. That’s especially true if time to obtain service factors into it. Regardless, there was no “good” time for this suit from OM’s or Freeze’s perspective. So what if he’d brought it on Aug 1st–just before fall practice started? Or the week of the first game? Everything that came out on Freeze was going to come out anyway. By the time the suit was filed, they already had Freeze’s phone records with the one phone call. They were pretty sure they had him by the uh…neck. (I suspect they also had some pretty credible rumors to go on, too.)

Poor baby …

I’m still laughin…that’s good stuff right there!