This time last year I heard a lot about how fast we would between plays and how fast Morris’s offense was between snaps (although when I looked at SMUs stats they weren’t as fast as Missouri). In essence speed of execution would be a differentiator. You also could hear the frustration about achieving that speed due to new system install, qb talent, oline health, etc.

I’ve heard almost nothing this year. Is speed of execution just a given, or not as important? Will we go faster than the average HUNH team?

I just hope we go forward this year. There were too many plays where we went backwards last year. I think last year was a reality check for Morris and Craddock. You can’t play fast effectively if you don’t really understand what you are doing, and an Offense that doesn’t chew any clock will kill a Defense that lacks depth. A lot of that talk was probably for marketing purposes anyway. No one wants to hear that fast lane, hammer down carp after what we witnessed last year. Just block better, move the ball and score points. Do something first then craft the marketing plan around that.

Probably will get faster as they get better; however, I don’t care if they snap at 10 sec or 30 sec, as long as they make 4 yds when they do snap it.

Eagle made a great point about wearing out your defense. I asked this question last year and everybody on here made fun of the question. We see how that worked out. I just heard an NFL representative make that very point the other night. They cannot do it because it will wear out the defense. Now, if you have enough depth to field two SEC quality defenses, then have at it. When have we ever had that or even one?

You can only play as fast as you are smart in the playbook, especially at skill positions.
I think it picks up a whole lot this year with the QB’s experience in the offense plus our RB’s having another year in it with the RPO’s & know when & how to pass protect.
Key skill position now is WR and the youth there.
Of course the Oline is a factor, no surprise there.

I would say from the little we have gotten to see so far that the pace is quicker, in part because of everybody knowing what to do instead of learning.

I am not real sure we will see what I consider Uptempo. I went back and watched SMU and TCU Morris last yr and 90% of he snaps were with about 10-11 seconds on the clock which gave he defense plenty of time to set up,after a big play they would gofaster with about 16-17sec left which I consider up more tempo getting everybody lined up and snapping asap without much looking to sideline which I typically saw.i would think we could go faster b/c its the 2nd yr but depending on whuch personnel is in the game,the older player should be able to play faster than the Fr.looking forward to finding out.

They will go fast to prevent the defense from subbing or to force the defense to tip it’s hand on how they will try to defense them but they won’t snap the ball every ten seconds. That is not sustainable in league we play. We will go faster after big plays too if last year was any indication although we did not have many examples due to all issues mentioned.

Fast only works if you are good.

I think as they become more experienced and as the year progresses, they will get faster. Eliminating turnovers, penalties and botched plays is first order of business. But make no mistake, Morris wants to go faster.

Fast can also mean fast in getting set at the line of scrimmage, but not always getting the play off as fast. You force the D to be there and set (and prevent subs.)