Fast ball might need work


Or, you could take the “glass is half full” approach and say that is one hell of a change-up!

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Reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs throws about a 1 mph changeup and three straight hitters take three swings at the one pitch. Inning over.

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Is Clay the pitcher or the coach?

Don’t make fun of my heater. Or my change-up. I have turned down some serious money. I did not want to walk away from a good gig at Two Rivers Fly Shop.

Heard that MLB scouts refer to your 25 MPH heater as the “Henry Riffle” due to its wave-like motion.

Slowest pitch in MLB this year: 31 MPH.

I don’t think it was THAT slow. But there was no real data that showed on the TrackMan. Bubba said 52.

Correction. Bubba said 21. Spin rate was estimated at 50. Mph was 21. And he said he would have fouled it off his front foot.

Regardless, it’s not hittable. Just take it easy on your casting elbow.