Fardaws Aimaq

Entering transfer portal. Didn’t play one minute for TTech.

I think he has been hurt all yr.

Just got a hard cast off.

Big time player last year when he was healthy

Bet Hog coaching staff has already been in contact with Aimaq. He possesses all the skills Muss covets in a big man. Foot could be an issue. Also there might might not be a roster spot for him if our bigs all return + Brazile returns + adding Fall as well. I can’t lie though I’ve always liked Aimaq’s game. Reminds me a lot of JWill.

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Ron Holland should be first choice.


Your future coaching being in jail should be grounds to get your LOI rescinded, right?

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Yes. And that’s exactly what will happen in the not too distant future. I don’t see it playing out any differently but there’s always a small chance he could be convinced too stay.

absolutely Ron Holland should be recruiting priority #1if he requests release from LOI

but Aimaq should be given a long, hard look by the coaching staff

big dude is VERY skilled

he and Fall would be an unstoppable 2-headed monster at center

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Wonder how big a NIL does Holland have at Texas

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Staying at TTech

Whatever issues between he and Adams have been smoothed over apparently

oh well

as far as Holland no clue

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