Fantastic Season

but just didn’t finish. Add one more heartbreaker to a growing list of gut wrenching losses through the razorback years.

I don’t have huge criticisms of anyone on the team, coaches or players. That’s baseball. I will say I was hoping somehow, someone within the organization could do what ultimately proved to be (apparently) undoable - that is find a way between last nights loss and tonights start to get the guys pumped, flying high, and playing loose!. I’m sure attempts were made to do something along those lines, but it would have taken really over-the-top hyper charismatic individual(s) to undo all the collective angst and agnony the team must have been feeling. Bottom line, imo the team came to the ballpark in a very low mental funk and it got progressively, and observably worse as the game went on. Maybe the coaches were too…after all they are just coaches, not superhuman.

I think we needed something good to happen early, to shake that funk. It didn’t.