I don’t post much at all but today I heard and read people talking about what seed they would want to be in the tournament. It seems just last week some fans wanted Mike fired.

I can not believe the way some of our hog fans are acting. I don’t believe fans enjoy when the hogs lose, but it is strange to me when this board blows up when we lose. I see it on twitter everyday, whether it’s Bo, Dudley, or someone else tweeting after a loss, fans just go crazy. I remember someone posting a poll on twitter after the LSU win, “Can the hogs make the NCAA tournament?” I read a response, “No, they don’t have any quality wins.” The same poll was released after South Carolina, “They only have one quality win.”

I’m usually good at keeping quiet around people that don’t think mike is a good coach, maybe that’s why I’m posting here.

I have posted before on the old hawgsillustrated board about this. I’m a young fan, and Mike has been the best coach I have seen coach for the razorbacks. I obviously know about the 90’s and how great we were, but that is long gone. We have the right guy coaching our basketball team.

Obviously I know a lot of fans aren’t this way, but I could not believe the booing and yelling at players/coaches I heard from some of the fans at the Vanderbilt game. Yes I know it’s frustrating, but is it okay to yell at players/coaches?

As a fan I feel it’s my job to support Mike and this team, if we were last in the SEC I would still be at every game. Yes, I let out some steam to my dad, but not on the coach or players. Never.

We are currently 19-7 with a lot of new players. Texas A&M was supposed to be great with the new guys coming and they were picked ahead of us. Georgia returned great players and they were also picked ahead of us. Where are they sitting right now?

Once again, I know a lot of fans aren’t this way. I just had to let off some steam. If we lose to ole miss, A&M, and every other game the rest of the season, I will still be inside Bud Walton rooting on the hogs as everyone else should be.

I’m the biggest Arkansas basketball fan I know, and I know we are headed in the right direction with Mike.

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McHogJr your post is on the money, buts it’s been this way for awhile and Arkansas and every team playing gets the same treatment from Alabama and N.Saban to the junior high Jaybirds and coach Jack Frost. I’m fortunate to have grandchildren playing D-1 sports from soccer to wrestling and the fans are the same at every venue I’ve attended. I don’t mind fans speaking out about coaching and even players as long as you don’t call players by name, both coaches and players want to succeed no one is in this to be a failure. To me the most important thing about making statements verbally or on post boards are to keep things respectful just as you would want it to be if they were talking about you or your family. Also in my mind you are correct MA is the best coach to guide the Razorback since CNR and his latest development of the players better understanding of the zone defense has opponents on their heels. We have played some zone all year but against SC they took it to a new level and looked confident and more comfortable. Enjoyed your post. WPS

Nice post McHogJr. I’ve been a Razorback fan since the late 50’s. Passion for the Hogs has remained constant over those years. Thank J. Frank Broyles for the excellent football program he developed and we can thank him for having the insight to hire Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson to put basketball on the national radar. He can also be credited with the hire of Norm DeBryin to make baseball a large part of our Razorback pride. We can also thank Orville Henry for making the Hogs personal through his reporting. But even with the success of all mentioned above fans griped and complained when there were losses. Those gripe sessions were typically at the local cafe over coffee, in conversations at work, church or social events.

Fast forward to today. Several things have changed IMO that have heightened the griping, complaining and such. First of all there is serious money involved in Football and Basketball. TV money has become huge which leads to coach salary’s doing the same. Expectations of fans and AD’s to keep the money coming in have increased. But the main difference in fan’s reaction is Social Media and message boards like this. Anyone can post whatever thought comes into their mind instantly. Some good some not so good. I believe that 99% of the folks on this board absolutely want what is best for the Hogs. But (as always in life) there are huge differences in how to make that happen. The other 1% just want to stir things up. I’ve learned to appreciate other points of view even if I don’t agree with them. I typically see things through “Rose Colored Glasses” others do not.

I guess my point is that passion for the Razorbacks by fans has not changed. But the ways that passion has changed along with the landscape of College sports.

We are in a bad environment with fans that have been influenced by Jim Rhome taunting and complaining.

Please post more often.