Fans will demand coaching change.

Even though JL and BOT have ultimate authority, the fans or their lack thereof will dictate that a change is made. Just sit back and observe the attendance numbers for remaining home games. College football is about escape, hope, state and school pride. Right now the Hogs are failing in all categories. Who wants to escape to Fayetteville(two night minimum at overpriced hotel) to watch a team that is painful to watch and obviously has NO hope in winning. Bottom line is this football program is NO fun to watch and too expensive to put yourself through the torture of watching them. It sucks making that Sunday morning drive home after another ass kicking. We are no different than any other SEC fanbase other than being alot more tolerant of mediocrity. The fans can only take so much and I assure you getting a ticket will not be a problem. If the product sucks, the customers will stop coming.