Fans have a tendacy

To compare white players with other former white players (maybe because there are so few), but did anybody else see some Caleb Miller in Bumper Pool?

He just looks like he was born to be a Linebacker, and
a Razorback. Aptitude and attitude are bonded with
the natural intensity needed to play linebacker.
For some reason, his flash and want-to brought up an image
I have stored in my brain of Loyd Phillips.
We can only hope he has that level of performance in
his future.

Don’t know or care about his race. Guess it has to do with the look, but no doubt he was born to be a football player and was so named. He certainly is that. Don’t know about Loyd Phillips. I guess I can see the want too and effort. Don’t know about his mindset. Loyd was just so special at that and seemed to despise anything on offense, especially QBs. We can only hope for a Loyd type career. Bumper seems to have the tools, but that is a whole lot to put on a 1 game freshman. We can hope