Fandom Observation

Went to the game yesterday and flew out of Tulsa home early this AM. I stayed at the Tulsa Airport last night (XNA far too expensive). Turned in the rental car last night and a car pulled in behind me. It had been hit in the right front, beaten and broken. I still had my Hog Shirt and Cap on. The people getting out of the beat car had on FL gear. My first thought was that their team looked about like that car. Then, I did the nice thing and helped them (been on the otherside of those trips myself). They were gracious and nice. They said they enjoyed their trip and was treated very well except for the results (Mrs. Lincoln, other than the shooting, how did you like the play?).

Early this AM there were two flights from TUL to DEN (SW & UA). As I walked around the concorse, I was amazed at how many people still wearing Hog gear got on those two flights. There were lots of Hogs heading back to the Rockies with smiles on our faces. Seemed like it was just a buch of knowing looks exchanged as we boarded. Satisfied.

Love traveling with my Hog Gear on. I meet so many people from Arkansas and folks with family in Arkansas.

Today I wore my Hog quarter zip to church since our Pastor (who is also my friend) is a HUGE Gator fan. He mentioned in his sermon that the “Pigs whipped his Gators”. Since I live in TN all the Vol fans were congratulating me for the Hogs keeping them in the SEC East race.

There are a good number of Hog fans here in Chattanooga. I saw three Hog plates today.