Fan vote names Pittman "Coach of the Year"


Now that’s a Big deal to any coach in America. If I had asked Sam in the into presser "how would it feel to be named the Bear Bryant Coach of the year award? Everybody would have said that was a omnibus goal. But here we are and Sam’s stock can not get much higher.

Deserved award. Always tough to judge. Several others deserve it too. But this makes me smile.


Happy for him. Seems more folks than us appreciate what he has done


I have many TN, Bama and GA friends. All of them tell me we hit pay dirt with Sam. The GA folks already loved him.


The Razorback fans needed and deserved a break, and we got it in Coach Pittman. Thank you, Sam, for the job you have done making this team a source of pride for the whole state, again.

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Sam working toward that statue.


Congratulations coach Sam… job well done!!

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Right now JFB and McDonnell have statues. Nolan and Lance Harter deserve them. Sam and DVH hopefully will win nattys and get their own too. I’d be OK with Sutton and Norm getting them without a natty either.

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I’m a little confused about just what this is.

Looks like the “real” Bear Bryant Coach of the Year award went to Luke Fickell of Cincinnati.

I’m wondering if this isn’t like some of the other major awards, where they let fans vote and the winner of that vote gets 1 of, say, 300 votes for the bigger award.

In any event, and with no disrespect to Fickell, who has done a wonderful job and is a deserving winner, this fan vote is significant, IMO, because it signals that common fans across the nation are becoming aware of Sam and the job he is doing. The College Football world is aware and watching our program now. And we haven’t been able to say that since the motorcycle fell in the ditch.

Well…at least, they haven’t paid attention to us for the right reasons until then. Feels good to have a guy leading u s out of the wilderness.

OK…I found this and it looks like it’s just a social media thing (facebook, twitter, etc.) to expand interest in the trophy. Doesn’t even count into the “real” vote at all.

Still, happy for the recognition, as cited in my earlier comments. And glad we had Sam!

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