Fan-Fueled Tradition: Calling the Hogs


I am proud to say that is my son in the red jacket who describes his first time to call the Hogs at DWRRS. :slight_smile: It was actually the “streaker” game vs. Ole Miss with Matt Jones at QB; a beautiful, crisp, sun-splashed day in the Ozarks and a big win over the Rebels.

After that game he got pictures with both Big Red and 2 cheerleaders. When I asked him which he liked best, he said simply “both.” Good times…and now he is a freshman at the University.

The game where Matt Jones showed his basketball skills by SLAM DUNKING over the crossbar after about a 60 yd TD run… those were the days!!!

For some reason I don’t recall the goal post dunk you mention but certainly I remember the streaker with a Colonel Reb golf club head cover (at least that is what it looked like) located in a strategic location. :slight_smile: But I also recall us getting a touchdown in the south endzone when the OM kickoff returner fumbled the kickoff and went after it nonchalantly, not realizing Tom Crowder (I believe I have the name right) was streaking down the field himself in a less controversial way. I am not sure when the rule changed but I am fairly certain it would not be a touchdown today but at the time the returner still had to secure the ball and take a knee to get the touchback if the ball was in the field of play. Regardless, it was a great hustle play by Crowder.

Crowder was an incredible special teams player. I loved watching him.

I well remember Matt Jones dunk. It was his Senior day. He had said that he would love to do that, but it had to happen when Arkansas had a lead because he knew there would be a penalty. I found it on YouTube, check out the play beginning at the 3:29 mark.


Matt Jones and Jared Hicks haven’t connected like that since…oh nm.

Hey. I have never seen so many highlights of a Kentucky Wildcat in an Ark/OM game.

The streaker game and the Matt Jones dunk were two different games. The streaker was '02; the dunk was '04.

Yeah, thanks for confirming what I had figured out from watching the highlight clip of the game from 2004 (guess that is why I did not remember the dunk as my friend’s tickets were in the SEZ and it would have happened right in front of me). So, I am thinking the touchdown I referenced where Crowder outhustled the OM kickoff returner was 2002 as well. That makes sense since my son was probably 5 at the time (not 6 as he says in the video). :slight_smile: They were both good days for the Hogs.