FAMU looking good early

Against the Texas Southerners. They are a spread team with a decent QB. Might be a little more venom in these snakes than some of us had thought. I’m revising my prediction to 49-13. That, as we all know, is way too close for CBB to play a back up QB. :wink:

You have to consider the level of competition though. TSU is not a good team even by FCS standards

No they are not. Revising the revision to 56-13.

I’ve been watching the game and even though they are scoring against TS, I feel that they should not be able to score against us.

The best receiver has had several drops, and none of them should be able to beat our corners anywhere.
The RB is 180 pounds, I fear for what could happen to him.
The offensive lineman look very small, looked up their roster and they have several that are below 300 quite a bit. Our DL better live in the backfield Thursday.
The QB, I didn’t think looked good personally, I’m also used to FBS QBs. I’ve seen a lot of missed throws, and short easy routes. His balls float as well, I hope to see some INTs.

I’ll be disappointed if they score even once against us.

Don’t know if this has been mentioned here, but Florida A&M is busing 10 hours from Tallahassee to Little Rock on Wednesday to save money, then busing 10 hours home after the game. They said it’s to save money to fly to conference road games later in the year

I like that Texas Southern is mostly in a 4-3. A&M has some length and quickness on the D-line. I don’t know whether they can beat our O-Line, but at least we will get a test. The second team QB for A&M is very athletic and a good runner.

Sounds like someone drugged the Texas A$M band.

Only watched part of the game, but from what I saw I cannot agree that FAMU looked good. Rather, TS looked terrible. Don’t know that I know a lot more about FAMU than I did before the game. If we really go into the game “hungry” and with a “chip on our shoulders” from the last two games last year, we should win easily. If, after seeing their game today, we get cocky, it could be closer than we would like. I hope to see us play with the attitude of “kicking butt and taking names”, but with the main emphasis on the first part. Hard to wait until Thursday. WPS!!!

Just hope we don’t have a bunch of illegal procedure and offsides penalties that tend to haunt first games. Those are the kind of penalties that stall drives on offense and keep drives going on defense.

Those things give the opponent energy and keep them in games.

I want to see us play a lot of 2nd and 3rd string players to keep the improvement on path. The positive influence of playing time in the first game is BIG and I think it will be even bigger this year with the extended camp practice schedule. Don’t underestimate the impact of a long camp and the need to play against someone else…it will mean a lot to back up players. We could see much more improvement after this game if we get to play a lot of guys.

I watched the entire game and was not impressed. Both teams made really stupid mistakes and there were lots of penalties. Both teams looked out of shape and there were some injuries. I couldn’t believe the amount of dropped balls and wildly over thrown and under thrown passes. The quarterback is mediocre at best, but he’s the first quarterback they have had in several years that has been able to put together some wins. They have one big (6’6") receiver who made a few catches but he looked slow. In fact, everything on the field looked slow. It ain’t the SEC. I agree with WETHOG 12. I don’t believe they will score at all. They shouldn’t. Florida A&M has one or two good offensive linemen and their two defensive ends look pretty good against teams in their league, but I don’t think they’ll stack up to the Razorbacks. And…that bus ride may save a bunch of money, but it is a very stupid idea. It WILL affect the FAMU players!