Famous Stromberg

Just wondering if there’s a reason behind a few NFL legends tweeting at him. Elway congratulated him today, so there’s gotta be a story

His aunt used to be a Raider cheerleader.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … l-legends/

I have a feeling this kid is going to be really good.

always good to know people…I like this kid a lot …IMO he has no real weakness technically so the learning curve from that stanpoint should be minimal he will have to gain good weight and get stronger and get use to the speed of the SEC(really will help him with the athletes we are briinging in on DL) like everyone does.I see him playing very soon.

You’re the man, Scottie!

Question for you. I know there are certain things a coach can teach, and there are things a kid has to have naturally. Since everyone says an OLineman has to have good feet, I assume this is more of a naturally-given ability. I have no idea, though. A kid can get stronger, learn how to play with better pad level, but can they learn how to have quick feet?

He already has good feet and yes there are drills you can do that will enhance your footwork but technique and film study is extremely important in being able to execute your footwork.

Getting quality linemen from Union and Jenks usually translates to nice production at the next level. Will be interesting to learn how close those once bitter rivals become as new teammates.

And we hopefully add one next year from Broken Arrow

I have a friend that retired about the same time I did from just outside of Tulsa. He goes and watches High football, basketball and baseball games. When we talk he has always mentioned that it was odd that the hogs didn’t seem to recruit the area very hard. It nice now to see it change some.

Another one that has potential in the O line is Beau Limmer. He was named to the Texas 6A all state first team. Recruiting in Texas has certainly improved this year.

The crootin in Texas had to improve for our hogs to get out of the cellar the SEC.
If CCM and this staff can continue to recruit well for 2 to 3 years their work will get easier on the crootin trail. The wins will increase as well. A lot of these young hogs came from winning programs and yes Limmer is an example being on the Texas all state team 6A. I’m hoping we have a much improved Oline next year.

Limmer and Stromberg both have potential to be incredible offensive lineman. Just get in that weight room and let that natural ability take over.

Youndaman did the previous staff find Olineman similar to these 2? Also why did they struggle to develop Olinemen?

previous staff recruited much bigger guys than these 2 for the power run game and was succesful to certain degree,once Pittman left the OL went downhill and so did the recruiting,I can’t see practice as to know why just know that we were never the same after he left.time will tell on Fry I was not impressed at all last year in how hard they played or with their technique but he has better players now so we will see.

I seen on another board that this is his aunt. If so, it explains things a bit.

Yeah I could see her having quite a few friends LOL

How was the Oline technique the year before under Coach Anderson for a few years & different scheme? Same guys

The way I see it - They all need to be around 300lb range, strong, fairly quick, good feet, balance, & hands. Then comes good technique. High IQ I always thought was a plus.

A good Olineman with all the tools, size, strength can play in any offensive scheme.

Did Pittman better evaluate recruits before signing them or coach them up better or both?

Pittman recruited Good players and they played with pad level and aggressive more than I have seen since he left.I didn’t see a lot from Anderson just not aggressive and very poor pass blockers.This year was the softest OL I have seen in the SEC,played way to high and didn’t have good quickness.

I Like for all of them to be around 305 to 310 with the ability to be able to Drive block as well combo block and should be able to pull and be able to pass block for at least 4 sec.

I want them to fire out flat backs and play with an attitude to be nasty and to block them to the whistle blows once we get that we will be a force to be reckoned with. Fry has better players this year so I’m going to be looking for vast Improvement.