Famous strolling Nolan Texas game on SECN at 6 pm Monday

As part of Arkansas day on SEC Network tomorrow, they will have the replay of 2/4/1990 game at Texas which the Hogs won in 103-96 in OT. This is the game that Nolan walked off the court with seconds remaining in regulation and Lee Mayberry tied the game and sent it into OT.

Definitely one of the top games in Arkansas basketball history.

We were loaded with talent back then. Tom Penders, whom Nolan really disliked calling him "Sweet Tom’, was preening around the court and Nolan just sat there the whole game.

Nolan’s stroll to the dressing room in front of the crowd was embarrassing even today, and he had to come back on the floor when we rallied to put the game into overtime.

Lee Mayberry, Todd Day, Oliver Miller, Ron Huery…we were loaded.

That was 3 McDonalds AAs on that team in Day, Mayberry and Huery. No question, the most talented team that Hogs have put on the court.

Incidentally, Arkansas has had 3 McAAs on the same team twice since then. In 95-96, Hogs had Robinson, Hood and Reid. Following that, Hogs had Hood, Reid and Alexander in the same year.

Y’all left out one of Daddy’s all-time favorite players: Lenzie Howell.

Apologies to your Daddy. No question, Lenzie was one of the reasons this team was oozing with talent.

Lenzie was one of my all-time favorites too, and my fandom goes back to the days of Tommy Boyer and Jerry Carlton. Never knew he had a 38-inch vertical until I heard one of the announcers say it during the broadcast last night. Speaking of verticals, Darrell Hawkins also got into the game for a few minutes–he must have been a true freshman at that point. He’s the one about whom, when someone asked Nolan what Darrell’s vertical was, Nolan said, “We don’t know, he jumps as high as he wants to.” :slight_smile:

I was gonna put his name in there after watching the game, but I couldn’t remember it. He was a great athlete.

That game did me so much good. How many times, mostly in football, did Texas come from behind to win late in the game?