Family member's Razorback experience intrigues top junior prospect … ues-top-j/

I know landing players of this caliber are improbable–at least at this point. But if we ever want to compete at a level that we all want to compete at then we will need to land a smattering of players like this each year. I doubt we will ever recruit at the level where Alabama is right now (few teams do)…but we need to get at least a few of these elite players annually in addition to the solid development players to be able to truly compete…and not just hope to compete. Just my opinion.

Assuming we offer him (I know a lot of things go into that but it is hard to imagine we wouldn’t since he has expressed an interest) maybe some things will happen on the field this coming year that will make him think he wants to be a part of something special. The young man certainly looks like a total STUD.

He’s not shy of confidence which was evident at The Opening. Very personable kid.