Family atmosphere still full tilt boogie … ostive-ex/

I hope the Razorback staff shares this article with all our recruits. It is pretty impressive.

That’s amazing

Great article Richard.

I’m really lovin this new staff

That is very impressive and has to be one of the most genuine things I’ve heard of a staff doing. As a parent of kids that will soon be off to college this has to be something very reassuring.

This brought back memories of our two girls moving to school. What an emotional time for parents, siblings and the kids. What a great touch by CCM and staff. It shows me that they care.

Which is everything to parents.

Obviously, the Winkel’s appreciated it. I traded some messages with Bob and realized after a few exchanges he and Shannon talking about their experience would make a good column.

RD…I bet money that if you reached out to Mrs. Fulwider on this subject as well that you would have just as impressive or a response/article if not more than the great one you wrote!!! This is the kind of stuff you can’t make up and is truly genuine from the heart feelings from parents! Getting information out like this has to have an impact on others that have visited. Great stuff man!!!

No doubt. Nick was coming all along after the OV. The reason I was dropping hints was because she told me he was coming. LOL. She LOVED Arkansas.