Fallopians lose on FG at the gun

23-21 to Iowa State. Gotta love it when Texass bites at the end.


JaMichael Pettway was a big part of ISU’s win. Wasn’t good enough to play any real role for Morris.

You saw him last year. He couldn’t get open last year and couldn’t catch it when he did. Only 30 catches for a season is pretty mediocre, although 16.6 YPC is decent if he did hang on .Glad he got his act together.

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He’s not the only example of players leaving Morris and doing better. Coaching does matter. But I agree he was bad last year.

He had 8 catches today for 100 yards. For the season 34 grabs for 404 yards and 4 scores (also had 4 TDs for us in 2018). YPC is down this year but production is up. That average should get him over 40 catches, possibly near 50 including a bowl (which ISU will be in).

I thought he underachieved in general at UA, both under BB and CM,. Only one catch as a freshman, 6 as a soph.

Not playing against SEC talent might have something to do with players leaving AR and doing better.

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Nah. I don’t buy that as a big reason. He got coached up at ISU. Football wasn’t invented in the SEC, despite what some of you think.

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How can somebody who was the leading WR pass catcher last season not have had a “role?”

You really got me, Dudley. Pettway was awesome for Chad last year. How easily I forget.