Falling apart

The one hope we had was recruiting and that seems to be falling apart. Linebacker, area of need, lost one of our top recruits. Same on offensive line, another area of need. Can it get any worse for our football program.

Honestly, I keep thinking it can’t, but it does, so I’m going to say it can and probably will get worse…

Definitely hurts to lose a position of need, but being a believer in class and character being important, some of the signals sent in this process are helping me get over it.

I’m not sure I would say it’s falling apart.

It can always get worse, but the team hasn’t given up and that’s promising.

The one thing he couldn’t afford is to lose recruits. They are starting to bail out fast. I’m rooting for him, but this just may be the beginning of the end.

Insiders, who are the other linebacker recruits? They are gonna have hit the JUCO hard.

I believe that makes Chandler the highest rated recruit left… I don’t think CM can survive with a 40 plus rated class coming in and probably last in the SEC. At least we could all point to the dozen or so Four Stars from last year as the thread of hope.

The decommits will get Morris fired after this season.

Things at football continue to get worse. Fans are staying away from games in droves. Recruits are de committing. Losses are continuing. Apathy reigns.

It appears that the bottom is not here yet. We desperately need some good things to happen to the football program.

Yurachek has got a huge problem and this mess will be a defining event for his time as AD. I never imagined that our football program would be the laughingstock of the country.

My thoughts are that coach Morris brought all this mess on him self, If he had not said HAMMER DOWN --LEFT LANE CRAP, which was the first things he said when he first got here, I think things would have been different… Maybe the win and lost record would of been the same, but the thoughts and what the people are saying about him might off been different…

Wow! We wouldn’t want anyone to be confident and try to fire the fan base up. What did Bret say or JLS? It just hasn’t worked out yet

Really. So at the introductory press conference, where you are taking over a down program and needing to fire up the fan base as well as prospective recruits, he should have said we expect to sputter and flounder a while and after that hopefully it all comes together!

Of all the reasons his job security is being questioned, this one does not seem to be one, at least in my opinion. Sure we are more than disappointed, but it seems comments like this are more than “piling on”.

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness.

Keep your eye on Aaron Moore and Brennan Scott. Moore is rated a middle of the road 3 star, though his tape looks pretty dang good. Scott is a 4 star by some services.

Don’t forget that Catrell Wallace and Jeshaud Stewart can be either OLBs or DEs. Might depend on the numbers we bring in at each position.