Fall Report by Aaron Fitt

Spoiler, he likes the team. :smiley:

Wished I could read it but wants me to subscribe.

17 minutes reading time? Aaron wrote a book!

It’s not nearly that long of a read. I talked to Aaron when he was in town. I could tell he was impressed with the transfers, and that comes across in his article.

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This lineup has a chance to be better than last year and that’s scary… I expect us to hit for a better average and as much or more power

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The 2022 lineup has a chance to be better than the 2018 one…… now THAT is scary.

2018 stats:
Team BA: .296
Players hitting over .300: 4. (Martin .345, Kjerstad .332, Shaddy .330, Cole .313…… and Bonfield hit .296)
Team HR: 98. (5 players with 10+)
Team RBI’s: 452 (6 players with 40+)
Runs scored: 482

2021 stats:
Team BA: .267
Players hitting over .300: 1, (but Welch (.388) only had 67 AB’s)
Team HR: 109 (6 players with 10+)
Team RBI’s: 433 (5 players with 40+)
Runs scored: 483

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Yes that 2018 lineup was very very good and very tough to pitch to because of the batting average and power.

This lineup we’re going to have this year has that kind of potential based on what we know of the players that are going to be in the lineup and so much depth it’s like the major league scout said the two lineups in the scrimmage was like looking at two super regional teams. I just hope we get some pitching to keep us in the games.

This could be one of those teams that wins games 9-6, just outslugs people. Who knows?

Those out slug teams are fun to watch, but the biggest truism in baseball is that good pitching will stop good hitting.

To get where they need to go, they need at least 3 very good starters (than means 7 allowing no more than 3 runs - hopefully less), 2 good long relivers and a good setup man followed by a shut down closer that when he comes in, the other side starts packing their bags. Oh yes, needless to say, very, very, very few if any walks.

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DVH and staff decided not to pursue a grad-transfer pitcher, they are very comfortable with the talent on the team. That says a lot for the development in summer ball for the older guys and the young arms coming onboard, plus the redshirt freshmen. Can’t wait to see this team get on the field.

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Yes eventually you’re going to have to manufacture runs against the elite teams because they’re going to have awesome pitching that’s going to keep you from hitting home runs… that has been our problem. The challenge of this team will be finding three people to replace what Kopps did, long relief setup man and closer that will be what probably makes or breaks us as a pitching staff. We have plenty of arms but we have to have some people step up their game quite a bit. Looking forward to seeing how he mixes and matches and comes up with some roles.

Matt, can you condense the article for us non-subscribers?

There is no way to really condense it. He comments on just about every returnee and several of the new players, freshmen and transfers.

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The condensed version is he said we are a favorite for Omaha.

Loaded with talent

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