Fall practice begins tomorrow

The Razorbacks will practice beginning at 2 p.m. and will scrimmage around 3:30 p.m. The practices are going to be open to the public this fall.


How is HI going to cover Fall ball? I’m very interested in who is on the roster as well as who is and isn’t healthy. I’m curious since Ark hasn’t yet posted the 2022 roster.

I’ll be covering it pretty extensively. I plan to be at several practices/scrimmages.


I hope Pallette is healthy as well as the other guys that had injuries last season.

Thank goodness… baseball.

Yes sir I’m also looking forward to baseball.

I’m with you, army!

Awesome, will be the most interesting fall ever with all the players we got that are capable of playing.

Dave Van Horn told me today the team will also scrimmage tomorrow night at 6:30.

Can’t wait for practice to start.

Webb hit a no doubter off of Nolan in the top of the first, Moore made a good play with Nolan covering for an out. 1k, and pop up for the other two.

Adamiak on the mound for the red team.

Varnado popup to second

Slavens out 3U.
Moore double to right corner
Wallace k’s looked way inside.

Tole pitching for white top of 2

Pickney k’s, great breaking pitch
Wilkerson k’s
Putz k’s

1-0 Red bottom of 2

Pleimann on the mound for the red
Bates fly out to Lf
Lanzilli k’s
Soliz walk
D Leach k’s

Z Morris pitching for White, top of 3

McWilliams k’s
C Leach walks steals second
Gregory k’s
Webb flys out to RF

Carter pitching for red, bottom of 3

D’Arcy K’s
Varnado k’s
Slavens walks
Moore fly out to RF

Gray pitching for White

Bohrofen k’s
Turner k’s long foul ball into the loge boxes
Pickney k’s

Rintz pitching for red

Wallace double down Lf line steals third
Bates fly out to CF
Lanzilli singles through the hole, Wallace scores
Soliz walks
D Leach k"s

Spain pitching for white

Wilkerson out 3-1
Putz single Lf
McWilliams single Lf
C Leach single Lf run scores
Gregory k’s on 3 great breaking pitches
Webb walks
Bohrofen walks run scores
Turner walks run scores called the inning over

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