Fall Exhibitions

Arkansas is looking into playing Oklahoma in a two-game exhibition this fall. It is unclear whether the games would be in Fayetteville or Norman, or if they will be played at all. The Razorbacks are also looking into some other scrimmage options.

The NCAA recently changed its rules that make it to where a baseball team can play up to two exhibition games each fall without those games counting against the team’s 56-game regular season schedule. Previously, teams could play in the fall, but those games would count against the regular season schedule.

This is something I have kept track of and hoped to see Arkansas do in the future. Vanderbilt and Texas have played each other in the fall, and others like Virginia and Dallas Baptist have had fall exhibitions.

Wes Johnson was part of some DBU teams that scrimmaged in the fall and he told me that he loved it because it gave him a chance to see how a pitcher would react in a real game situation before the season began. “It makes it to where I don’t have to do emergency surgery, so to speak, when the season begins,” he said.

Tennessee and Alabama announced yesterday that they will scrimmage the day before the Tennessee-Alabama football game in October.

I love this change in the rules. Zero U would be a good match for such a scrimmage.

Vandy plays Lipscomb, Belmont and Trevecaa in baseball when possible. There is not 10 miles separating all three, unofficial pickup games are common with MLB’rs also gathering. Official exhibition?? not sure.