Fall Camp

Arkansas football team will open Fall Camp with 78 scholarships players. There will be 34 players who open the season against Easter Illinois in 2018, who will no longer be on the football team.

Arkansas had 15 seniors in 2018 and there was concern how they would be able to bring 29 new recruits in for the 2019 recruiting class

Best guess is that Trelon Smith and Luke Jones will be awarded scholarships to fill out the 2019 recruiting class.

There will be five walk-on players awarded football scholarships. I think Blake Kern TE, Jack Lindsey QB and Brendon Young DB will be three who will be awarded scholarships.

With two more walk-ons who will be award scholarships to bring the roster up to 85.

I am sure Luke Jones will. Coach Fry is extremely high on him

I like him too,hopefully he gets a good shot at C with Clary and Limmer.let the best man win.

As Fry noted Monday and I wrote about, Luke will get that shot if he is eligible.