Fall Camp?

It seems actually talking about this season seems to be off-topic, but when do the players report for fall camp and what is the schedule–report, non-pads, pads?

August 6(Friday) first day in pads probably after 3-4 practices.

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Getting closer. One week away. I want to hear pads pop.


Early next week will write about my greatest memory from my first day of practice.


I am so ready to see us get out there and get after it…

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I’m with you and ready for football. I just hope we can have a full stadium.

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I want a FULL stadium when Texas (spit) comes to town

We’ve had so much adversity for so long…at some point the law of averages has to be in our favor. Including a full raucous crowd for the UT game. Now that UT is joining the SEC, hopefully the younger generations will appreciate drubbing the Longhorns like us old vets.
UA…Campus of Champions

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Let me guess …… when you and your dad were in the golf cart and Batman Carrol was telling everyone “make way for the legend”…. I remember you telling that story… but I’m not sure if that was the first day of practice???

I can’t wait to kick off this fall camp…. I want to hear about how the OL has developed, those DL transfers and how Williams and Soli look at DE, and of course KJ at QB, I think he’s gonna be something!

Not that one. But it’s a good one.

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