Fall baseball preview

I talked with Dave Van Horn in his office for a while last week. Here is a preview of the fall:

Here is the roster:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a year where there is this much open possibilities… going to take a very low-key approach as far as expectations with this team there’s just so many moving parts have to all click together. But it will be fun seeing how they get cranked up here in a few days

There should be a lot of good players on this team. I think Arkansas can be strong again next season because of the pitching that returns.

I agree if they all pitch up to their capabilities could have a really good staff I’m curious to see what the left-handed Juco guy has

Good stuff, Matt. Thanks.

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Thanks, Matt! Great read!
Looking forward to seeing how this team gets sorted out, Like youdaman, I’ll curb my expectations a bit. That’s hard to do with the success the DVH teams have displayed in the past.

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Correction to the story: Slavens will not hit or throw, but will work on his fielding at first base during the fall.

I believe that would benefit him more.

Thanks for all the info Matt. Can’t seem to get enough baseball!!

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I’m excited about the pitching too. And frosh Jordan Huskey’s mom Becca grew up with my daughter in Benton. She spent a lot of time at our house and was in our carpool.

I like this roster. I expect good things. Thanks Matt.