Fall baseball practice

It seems to sneak up on me every year because of football beginning, but the Razorbacks’ fall baseball practice is about to begin. Practices will start on Friday, Sept. 9 at Baum Stadium. Practices are open to the public and typically begin mid-afternoon on weekdays.

The team has a 45-day window to finish practices, meaning the intrasquad scrimmage will probably begin in mid-October.

I’m told there will be close to 50 players on the roster this fall.

I love going to fall ball. But then I love everything baseball (as if everyone didn’t know that.) :smiley:

I suspected the numbers might turn out to be close to 50. The kids have to prove themselves just to get close to making the roster. It is really tough now that the NCAA (in their infinite wisdom) does not allow immediate transfer eligibility. It used to be that sports with only partial scholarships allowed transfers without requiring the athlete to sit out for a year.

Matt, does that (immediate transfer eligibility) still happen in other sports?

Players have to sit out a year if they transfer in any sport. Typically the ones who don’t make the roster in the fall will transfer to JUCO, where they can play right away and be eligible for the draft after one season.

I’m told there are 51 players on the fall roster this year. Hopefully that roster will be available by the end of the week.

Yesterday at NWA TD club someone asked me when fall ball started. I can’t imagine why he thought that I would know. :smiley:

I’m looking forward to watching the new players on the team.