Fall ball starts today

Here is our coverage ahead of the first practice.

Tom Murphy’s overview:

Notebook focuses on Treylon Burks’ preseason attention, De’Vion Warren’s status, Sam Pittman’s thoughts on OU and Texas to the SEC and more:

Clay Henry’s commentary on the need to identify a backup RB:

Scottie Bordelon wrote on the front runners on the defensive line:

A rundown of what Sam Pittman, Jalen Catalon and Treylon Burks said yesterday, with video of Pittman’s PC:

The past couple of seasons of basketball followed by baseball got me so excited, it took awhile to get into football excitement mode. Well, the Morris era certainly didn’t help either.

All these articles plus “hope” generated from the improvement in last season’s team have me getting more and more excited about this football season each day.

College sports is so “numbers centric”, that at first, it’s a little difficult to get too hyped over a 3-7 SEC season (actually 3-6 against SEC teams and 0-1 against SEC refs). But, if taken within the concept of improvement, it really should make Razorback football fans pretty darn excited about this coming season.

Sam, in his first year, jerked this team from the bottomless pit of an 0-19 record against SEC teams to 3 SEC wins. That is actually a monumental improvement, considering he did that with about 90% of the players from the 0-19 games.

It’s enough to get me the most excited about football at this stage than I’ve been in the last 5 years!

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