Fall ball begins Friday

Here is a preview of the Razorbacks’ fall season:

And here is a look at the fall roster:

I’ll have some more baseball content over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, with the practices being closed off, it likely won’t be as much as we’ve been able to provide the past several years.

Great looking forward to reading it!

Maybe we will get to see a complete season stating in the spring! It will be nice to see sports being played.
Will the roster get trimmed some before the spring?

Thanks for the coverage, Matt. But sigh. ohwell
I will really miss watching practice and/or scrimmages. Plus, that has always been my chance to visit with you and your family! I want to meet your sweet baby girl and see how big Jack is getting, but I will just have to get by with the Facebook posts.

The roster limit (which is 35) has been waived for one year only but I don’t see the point in having 52 on the spring roster. A lot of those will never see the field.

Looking forward to whatever you can provide Matt.

Matt, just curious. I understand the closed practices to the public, but why not let some Media in like you? You should be able to social distance with ease.

Exactly…makes no sense not to let some media in and spread them out.

“Closed off” wasn’t fully explained by me and probably a poor choice of words from me. Practice is closed to the public, but in talking with the people at the UA, I think media will have some limited opportunities to see practice this fall.

But it will be much different than past years when I’ve stopped by the ballpark most afternoons to observe and report. I enjoy fall and preseason baseball. You can find out a lot about the team this time of year. I’m appreciative that the UA people are open to media getting into the stadium some. No word yet on when that might be.


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