Falcons cut concession prices, make more money on them

Up by 16% in their first year in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Hmmm.

<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.espn.com/nfl/story//id/2221 … oncessions">http://www.espn.com/nfl/story//id/22212592/atlanta-falcons-drop-prices-make-more-money-mercedes-benz-stadium-concessions</LINK_TEXT>

Economics 101

lower prices = more sales

I wonder how much better the Hogs will do on concessions when the school’s contract with Pepsi expires and they start selling Coke products again.

After the Hogs lowered prices (a little) I began buying again. It wasn’t much nor often, but I have bought hot dogs and water once in a while. The “fancy” stuff went up and I don’t even look at that stuff.

I really hate the prices places like movie theaters & stadiums charge for concessions. The profit margin isn’t just huge, it’s unconscionable. I refuse to buy anything at some of those places. I rarely buy concessions at RRS or BWA. (I succumb at Baum) Still, I think we would do a bit better on profits if we lowered prices. I know they did that last year, but I’m not sure they lowered them enough.

Business 101 - higher sales does NOT equate to higher profits

Simple. Don’t buy them and let them keep what they are so proud of. I don’t blow money on anything over priced. It’s pretty stupid in my book to pay 10 times what something cost!
But I guess it may just part of being in the SEC. The refs put the screws to the hogs and the vendors have jumped on board too!

I bet their anchor product is Coca-Cola. It is Atlanta.

That is the truth, but with the mark up at theaters, stadiums, etc. they have room to lower the prices, have more sales and make a lot of money. I haven’t bought a candy bar or hot dog or similar thing at at theater or stadium in years and years (and I like candy bars). I will buy a drink because I am pretty much forced to as I get pretty thirsty at games. Obviously UofA has to figure out what the “sweet spot” is but I think they sell a lot more stuff at still a nice profit if they lower their prices.

As Atlanta found out, I suspect the “sweet spot” is less price than current, but still higher than would would get at say McDonalds, etc.

My beef (pun intended) with the concessions at Razorback Stadium also includes the disappearance of those footlong corn dogs. They used to sell them in that big open concession area under the west stands, and always had a ton of them freshly fried. This last season the only place to get them was the AQ Chicken place, they weren’t freshly fried, and they always sold out by halftime.

Free the Corn Dogs! Bring back the good ones and make sure they cook enough!!

The 2016-17 athletic department budget showed $1.2m revenue from concessions and novelties, it isn’t a big money maker.

Gosh, I’ll take it. :slight_smile: