Fake News that it is Luke Fickell

Fake news.

Where is it reported other than wiki page



Friend said it came across bottom of screen on ESPN but I haven’t seen it there.

them darn Russians and Ukrainne folks…trying to stir things up:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Yeah, I’m watching 60 minutes too.

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That is a Steinmetz deal. We don’t need another guy from up North who probably hasn’t ever been to Arkansas. He played at Ohio State, was an interim coach there and an assistant. Steinmetz needs to stick to academics. Where do we get these guys?

This would not be a good hire for Hunter Yurachek. He has no wow factor, Fickel that is. Really never heard of him until I googled him. He might be a good coach, but we need some guy with charisma who can coach…like Lane Kiffin.

HY is in Atlanta with BBall team. If we were naming a new coach he wouldn’t be down with them.

I just edited Bobby Petrino’s wiki
with reinstatement as the head football coach of the University of Arkansas. Unprecedented donation of his first year’s salary to charity. Quote from Petrino: “This was the most special coaching time of my life in the most special place to be a head coach. I appreciate the U and all of Razorback nation for this second chance. I will not let you down. We have unfinished business to complete together.”

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hahahah Love it…great quote

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Way to overreact to a Wikipedia prank. Geez you people are as gullible as you are impatient.


It’s not being reported anywhere that Fickell is the new coach. Literally anybody can edit someones wiki page.

I read it again, it says Arkansas State.

I suggest a congressional investigation of Wikileaks for trying to interfere in our coaching search!!

Wonder who else is in Atlanta that Yurachek might be interviewing?

If he were interviewing somebody I don’t think he would hitch a ride to Atlanta with the basketball team.

Atlanta is a big place. Don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.

Arkansas’ next football coach needs to be a great recruiter number #1 Alot of the other pieces to the puzzle will fall in easier and quicker with an excellent recruiter.

If USC lets Clay Helton go, and Arkansas says you’re welcome here, could he bring some of those great players he recruited to USC to Fayetteville?

Fake News Fickell can make his case Friday afternoon in Memphis vs Norvell. :sunglasses: