Fake injuries?

Something like the new MLB rule on pitching changes: Pitcher must stay in for three batters or until the next half inning. Three plays or change of possession for injuries.

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I can’t follow how you say the fake injuries did not affect the outcome. Rest is rest. Throughout the game those injuries bought rest. You state an opinion that no one is really able to confirm. It’s just your opinion.

Yes, it was just an opinion, but I was thinking of it more in the sense of stopping a given drive. I hadn’t really thought about the rest angle. But, no, I cannot confirm that cumulatively it had no effect on the outcome. The obvious fake injury 13 seconds before we scored the last TD couldn’t have helped them much. I suppose it’s possible extra 30 seconds or whatever it was could’ve rested them up for the conversion, but I doubt it. Regardless, you’re right, I can’t confirm it.

I’ll try to be more careful about expressing an unconfirmable thought.

Just saw that Vegas fired Gruden. Maybe they’ll give Laney a call…

In my opinion the fake injury isn’t used for rest as much as to stop the opposing team’s momentum. I detest it and see if as a direct reflection on the coach who stoops to use it.


That’s my opinion, too, although I can’t confirm it.


Northeastarkie, if you want to be popular around here, blame every bad thing (including global warming) on the refs. That will be considered factual.

BTW, IMO faking injuries displays the worst form of sportsmanship.


That’s disgusting. I never saw that one. Was that in our game?

Awful. So much disdain for that clown.

That was the game at LSU last year.

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I think they go hand in hand. The offense has momentum because they catch the defense with the wrong personnel and they’re unable to sub and get more tired as the drive progresses.

Maybe Sam is keeping a little list in his head (Drink, Laney) and will use it against them at an opportune time in the future. Like a final drive in the last minute when he needs a fresh DT in the game.

  1. If an injured player is struggling, but attempting, to go to his sideline, the game clock shall be temporarily stopped until the player leaves the field of play. The injured player may not return to the field for 5 consecutive plays.
  2. If an injured player is so gravely injured that he can make no attempt to leave the field, game clock shall be stopped until the player is removed. Player shall shall not return to game for 10 consecutive plays.
    Post-injury consecutive play suspensions do not apply if injury a result of personal foul by opponent.
    Suspensions extend into the next period of play.
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