Fake injuries?


and by resting and rehydrating for those next five plays, he is safer for it.

@ricepig1 just plain hilarious!

:rofl: :rofl:

Made the defense play a man down for the rest of the series.

It’s hard seeing anything being done about it. Hard to prove a kid is faking even when it looks obvious.

Agree. When it comes to player safety they will always err on the side of caution. And enacting a penalty for faking an injury could prevent someone legitimately feeling something wrong from going down to pause the game and get attention, for fear of penalty. So hard to see how they can do anything about it.

This is good - after all you’re protecting the health of the athlete?

Doing this May also bite you with a real cramp

But 5 plays of yes that would police it

When a healthy guy looks like he took a head shot from the grassy knoll, it’s just a bit much. Gus and Lane are equal opportunity scumbags.

I think they both like looking at the mirror and probably take a lot of selfies.

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It was absolutely puke Worthy how obvious it was. stood there and looked to the coach and then fell down like a little wuss. Should have been a half the distance to the goal line penalty… I personally would like to see a 15-yard penalty and you have to sit out the rest of the series. That craps got to go one way or the other.

Good stuff😂

The top 3 (IMO) fake injury coaches are:

Lame Kiffin

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Ole Miss fans on Twitter were calling the fake injuries “great strategy”. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by that.

It’s like a tax loop hole, it isn’t ethical, but for a win some would sell their mother. That’s the reason I wouldn’t trade CSP for 3 Kiffins and a Leach. WPS


Player should be out for the half. The only way for the player to be brought back in is by using or buying them in with a timeout.

OM’s fake injuries didn’t affect the outcome of the game or I’d be really pissed about the strategy. We scored with no time on the clock & could have won with the successful 2 pt conversion. The obvious fake injury 13 seconds earlier didn’t change any of that.

As for what to do: I’d require the “injured” player to miss at least the rest of the possession and maybe the next quarter of play. That would penalize players who really get hurt but not badly enough to miss many plays, but it would stop the fake stuff. I’m sure there are lots of creative ways to stop it, but it needs to be stopped.

Don’t have to prove it’s fake. Just don’t allow any injured player to return for some amount of plays or time in the game.


I get that. On the surface, that sounds good to me

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Allow the opposing coach to “challenge” injury if it appears to be a flop. Use video replay to see if player “took a dive”.

Instead of penalizing the player, call delay of game, and defense has to play a man down until ball changes hands. That way the coach/team is penalized.

If they can penalize the offense for an injury with a 10 second time runoff, there is no reason they can’t penalize the defense.

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