Fake injuries?

I just finished watching off my DVR. It seemed to me that many times when we’re trying to go fast a Mizzou play mysteriously hits the ground. Maybe it was just me.


I thought the same.

Yep, saw that. Player finishes play after our successful run, looks to bench, and then gently sits down and grabs something as if he’s hurt.

Happened several times. It’s within the rules. Can’t stop it. It sometimes will stop your momentum and give the other guys a chance to catch their breath. Just fall down and moan real loudly. Grab something, too.

absolutely true. I think Gussy was the first coach I saw emphasize the playing possum on injuries.

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There is a name for it but I forgot. It’s part of the game I suppose. Teaching kids to fake stuff. Kinda sorry leadership IMO.

Pittman was asked about it after the game. He said he didn’t know if the injuries were fake or not, but said there were several. If they were fake, “That’s not the integrity of the game, in my opinion,” he said.


Love Sam’s response. Teaching more than football should be a priority. Just because it’s legal don’t make it right.

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How much time did Missouri keep on the clock as a result fake injuries.? Did they occur on stopped clock or did they occur on clock running situation?

Not sure about the time. Their strategy was to stop our flow in the hurry up.

Dorkwitz learned from this from Daddy Gus


Yea well daddy is about to get fired and drink will too after the shiny new wears off. Proper foundation and integrity is what stands the test of time. But it does appear miZzou had about 10 injuries. If I was CSP I’d send a care package over for all those leg injuries??

May have to come to this.


I have always said the way to stop that, is they are out for the rest of the series.


Plus hit them with delay of game penalty and a charged timeout.

Sam’s key word in his response to the possible / probable Mizzu fake injuries - integrity -
But he played it off well like he didn’t realize that was happening.

I watched it twice. On the second time you see 99 look at the bench and then he acknowledges the signal by pointing at himself like “you want me to fake the injury, okay I got it”. Then he falls down.


Man that one was so obvious.

Since it was so obvious what was happening, I guess this tactic is just common practice for Drinkowitz in close games. Heck it may be more common everywhere for all I know.
Gus and Aub was the last time I recall it being so obvious.

It was so obvious. I agree, instead of sitting out one play, must sit out the series.