Fake Google pop up.

Just started getting it on my iPad. Makes the site totally unusable on that device. Techs need to do something about that. I cleared browsing history but it came back. Any other fixes? I am posting this from my phone.

Petunia…if you have an iPhone it will infect it too. I’ve had to borrow my wives computer to keep up with the Drama. HI on my iOS devices will not work.

My son just had his Google account hacked, his password changed and there is no phone support. So he is now in a Google imposed holding pattern based on website customer service, if you want to call it that.
So Google now seems to be the latest to show security weaknesses and caution needs to be taken. Hope they are working on it, but HI needs to be.

Bet it’s them Russians!

Techs. Need to do something—— agree with this. Has got worse over the past 7 days. iPad and iPhone is basically unusable. Mac does not seem to have this problem—yet!