Fake crowd noise?

I’m watching German soccer this morning on FS1. Empty stadium but the TV feed has crowd noise added. Drives me nuts. It’s like the old days when TV shows thought they had to tell you when to laugh. But maybe I’m in the minority. What do you think about adding crowd noise without a crowd?

Bad idea IMO. Adds nothing.

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I’ll go one step further. No sense playing a game with no spectators.

That, I disagree with. If the choice is games with no crowd or no games, I’ll take games. But don’t insult my intelligence with fake crowd noise.

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If they play games, I say pump in as much crowd noise as possible, If the stadiums are empty of fans that is!

As far as I know, the players can’t hear the fake crowd. Just the TV audience in the US. They’re not doing that on German TV IIRC. But fake crowd noise in the stadium itself isn’t any better IMO.

Fake crowd noise is not the answer to enhance the GameDay experience with fans in attendance. I despise all of the pumped in music, noise, etc… i want to hear the pep bands and fans. If fans though aren’t going to be allowed into games, I would love to at least have National Championship Game sounds blaring over the loud speakers. It would be better VS watching something with the sounds of a glorified scrimmage. Just my humbled $.02 Swine as a humbled middle aged Hog fan in Indiana. Woo Pig Sooie!

Fake crowd noise huh, how many different variations of crowd noise? Any booing in the mix? Wooo Pig Sooooie piped in will sound the same as if live I wonder.

I can hear the recorded cowbell ringing in Starkville now…sigh…

The soccer sounds had songs and chants that sounded appropriate for German soccer. You could also hear the stadium announcer but that might actually have been real.

It’s strictly a matter of personal preference, but I don’t like the idea of fake crowd noise, either. It’d be weird watching a game with no fans & no noise, but I’d rather do that than have fake stuff.

Regardless, it appears the schools are leaning toward having fans in limited numbers. 20-25% capacity (15k to 19k) for RRS can be heard, I’d think.

It is bad enough having to listen to canned laughter on tv comedy sitcoms.

So Korean soccer gets credit for creativity & bad judgement at their recent match by placing mannequins (clothed sex dolls) in spectator seating with piped in crowd noise at their fan-less stadium - for which FC fined them $81k.

I was so glad to see a real live game. They can have the fake noise or not. No problem.

I don’t care what they do.

My daughter said they played in empty stands for midweek college games in Lone Star Conference. Gotta bring your own energy.

Just give me games.

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Totally disagree with that. Spectators are great and all, but they are not a necessary part of the game.

YES! :slight_smile:

I think the best part of the German soccer match was the cardboard fans in the stands! I would love to go, no knees in the back, no obnoxious drunks, and no annoying people talking on their cellphones.

Pure heaven!

Ditto…”just give me games”