Unfortunately for this coaching staff, life isn’t fair. He should be given at least 3-4 years before judgement is passed on him by the fan base. That’s what CBB got, so that’s what CCM should get. And I’m not talking about judgement from the AD, and whether or not he should keep his job. He will. I’m simply talking about fan perception of him and the job he’s doing.
However, most of us feel like we have been through a 6 year washing machine cycle, but now, rather than being Tide fresh, just like if you left clothes in the washer for 6 years, it just smells rank.
It really sucks that the only solution is to throw rank clothes back in the washer, and hope you remember to put them in the dryer sooner next time. I don’t know about you, but when I have to wait on the washer to run a second time, I’m prone to being a little cranky.
That’s not CCM’s fault, its just the way it is.

Maybe (hopefully) this time around just a quick rinse and a couple dryer sheets will freshen things up.

And yes, I’m bad at laundry.

Like it or not, Morris lost a lot of supporters the past two games, just like Bielema did when Arkansas lost to Rutgers and every SEC team in 2013. Patience is in short supply for college football fans.

Yep - patience is particularly short when you’ve finished last or next to last in the SEC W in five of the last seven years. People are worn out and do not have the patience for another long, grinding rebuild.

Morris has that working against him along with the fact he’s not a proven track record as a HC to fall back on. It’s hard to truly believe he’s the guy to get it done based on his limited track record.

I don’t know if he can recover from this disastrous start.

I am not advocating a coaching change, but merely enlightening all that your smelly laundry could easily take 7 years before having that sweet smell of success–3-4 with CCM and then 3 with the successor. I know you are a patient sort, right?

If he gets four years and fails, fine. He had a chance to fully recruit to his system and didn’t get it done. Otherwise, we risk getting into the spin cycle – hire, lose, fire, repeat – and never get anything built, starting from scratch every 2-3 years.

At this point, my hope for CCM is that the green Hogs grow up quickly and become at least competitive in as many SEC games as possible, maybe winning one or two along the way. I hope Storey can write a beautiful ending to this season, but if he cannot, then maybe Noland steps up and gains some valuable experience. Yes, some of the fans have left the ship or never boarded the ship, but there are others, myself included, willing to give the man a chance.

If you want an analogy, look at Mark Stoops at Kentucky. He is in his sixth season. The first three seasons were losing seasons. The last two were 7-5 with another loss in a bowl game after each season. Yet, today they are 3-0 with a win over Florida. Florida of course has new coach Dan Mullen, who was successful in the SEC as both a coordinator and head coach. Kentucky football is very similar to Arkansas. They don’t have the 60 year old memories of greatness that some of us carry, but they still want to win, just like everyone else. I say give Morris time to bring his first recruiting class through as seniors. If he hasn’t produced by then, reevaluate. For now, he’s the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Razorbacks are my team. Thus, he is my coach. I’m on his side.

At this point, we have to hope CCM has a magical recipe to turn this program around. It ain’t happening right away.

We you start comparing us to Kentucky in football then you know the roof has caved in smh…If that’s what we have become I’m ready for a new coach today as well as a new board of directors and so forth smh “Kentucky”

I’m far from giving up on the guy. In fact, I’ll still be wearing my hammer down shirt on Saturday when we get throttled by Auburn. And the next weekend.
I’m just venting on a message board is all.

Maybe my shirt is just unlucky? Perhaps I’ll switch back to my razorback pfg.

Fans are fickle. The second we start winning, they’ll all come back.

Unfortunately the fans are putting the “Hammer” before the coach has the team ready to do the same. WPS

Kind of hard to get your clothes Tide clean using Dollar store brand detergent.

Someone once said it is darkest before the dawn…

It’s pretty dark right now.

Coach needs three years minimum. This coaching group recruits as hard as any group we have ever had imo. If they can finish the recruiting class in the top 15 or so then we should see that sun rising next year. Need to keep that class together and finish with Henry and others we need to turn this thing around

Although it was a very questionable hire, Morris deserves a fair shot. That usually means 4 years but not necessarily.

Considering he was left with a thin OL that got much worse due to injuries and early retirements (Rodgers, Heinrich, Merrick), and a QB room full of not ready for prime time players, he should be given a chance to fix those issues and see what he can do.

That said he really needs to show some improvement quickly on things he can control at this point.

They look terribly unorganized, unprepared and noncompetirive. I wouldn’t have nearly as much problem with a slow start if they didn’t have the appearance of a team that had never played/coached before.

My hope for the rest of the year is they show improvement and play with some passion and pride. That would be a start.

So you really think we were going to the land of milk and honey in one or two years? And if you fire CM after one or two years do you really think the next guy will bring us there in one or two years?

This year we should just play to have fun and don’t pay any attention to the score.

A tip of the glass to ya bikehog. I agree completely and think the analogies are very good. We NEED to stop the cycle of dramatic coaching changes. This is the first coach that has the connections to bring in the Texas and Louisiana kids. Talent is paramount to turning this around and he has he best connections in critical areas. CCM took over a mess that is far worse than we thought on the Oline, QB and WR; as well as the deficiencies on defense in key areas and especially depth.

That’s assuming we can attract any decent coaches after another stupid coaching change. If I am a recruiter that is competing against us, I am going to negate the quality of person and clemson system knowledge of CCM by emphasizing the following- “So you think he is even going to be here after your RS year? Look at what that fan base did to Houston Nutt at the end, look at how they hired a scum bag like Petrino, then they hired John L. Smith for a year which was a disaster, and then they hired a guy that took Wisc to 3 Rose Bowls and ran him out of town in 5 years. Now look at how they are already turning on Chad Morris after his 2nd game and now they are howling for a change after the 3rd game and loss to UNT. Do you think there might be a trend there that says you won’t have the same coach when you are a senior?”

More than anything CCM is misplaying this from a PR standpoint. Needs to be straightforward with the fans and acknowledge this is a tough season and a “rebuild” but I’ll get it done.

The fans were willing to give him a pass this year but he didn’t take it.