Fairfield lost its first game in the MAAC tournament

Which brings up the question, would the committee give them an at-large bid if they lose again, thus taking a spot away from somebody like Alabama or Georgia? They’re still #3 in RPI.

Probably. They would not want to be accused of regional bias.

I have no idea how weak their conference is, but it’d be tough to deny them a spot in the 64 team field. They might be really good.

They played a conference only schedule. That makes RPI a weak statistical tool with the lack of heterogeneity in their schedule.

In previous years, their conference (MAAC) was somewhere in the bottom 3 of all conferences RPI.

That said, I want to see them in.

I’m sure the MAAC is quite weak. Having said that, going 35-1 in the regular season is still unbelievable even in a bad league. They were never going to host but IMO they should get in, even if it takes a spot from a bigger name. Of course they could make the committee’s life easier by coming back out of the loser’s bracket.

Fairfield won its elimination game today over Monmouth. They play another elim game tomorrow against the Rider-Canisius loser and then have to beat the Rider-Canisius winner twice to win the tournament.

Beating Monmouth temporarily moved Fairfield back up to #2 in RPI pending what Vandy does against us tonight.

I would be good with them taking a spot away from LSU.:slightly_smiling_face:


They don’t deserve it any more than another bottom feeder league winner losing in their tourney. RPI is not a good tool in this instance. Meaningless since they played weak teams.

I’d be willing to bet if we’d played a 36 game MAAC schedule we wouldn’t have gone 36-0. It’s baseball and weird things happen. Bad bounces, bad umps, slipping in the outfield, forgetting how to throw strikes. Yeah it’s a bad league but 35-1 is still impressive.

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actually MaAC has high team number with good RpI, seems Jackson State is following a similar bubble watch path. Current bubble watch by BA

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