Facts...we dont have the horses on D

to go into a place like TCU and win. Last year we had an offense that could match scores with spread teams, but it will take Austin a little bit of time to get there, I’m hoping by game 6/7 we are gelling. This TCU team is better than the Texas tech team that slammed us at home on both sides of the ball.

Hope I’m wrong but I don’t see our defensive backfield making enough stops to win this one.

We also desperately need a D that creates more turnovers, we play too passive at the secondary positions.

I had this marked as a loss on our schedule, hope I’m wrong but I don’t see it based on our D personnel. We need to recruit, recruit, and recruit better CBs and Safeties if we are going to start winning more than 6/7 regular season games.

We have had better recruiting, per the rankings, than TCU for the past five years.

Much like ESPN with their show “Cold Hard Facts” people often confuse opinions with facts.

Fact: Arkansas is scheduled to play TCU at 6:00

Opinion: Any speculation about the potential outcome before the game

That’s OK this board is a great place to share opinions

I disagree. We have the horses. Especially up front. But it hurts that we lost 4 dbs that we had last spring. True, a couple transferred. And two got hurt. Its the lack of depth there that concerns me.

That and Ramirez or Coley has to step up and fulfill potential. Starting today. I think they are getting great coaching in the secondary.


TCU does not have the horses on D to stop our offense either. They gave up 41 points to SDSU and over 400 yards.

So is this going to be game with no defensive stops and last team with ball wins???

Maybe Bo is wrong about score being around 30 points to win…

This game is looking to me like a track meet, last team to score wins. Maybe the weather changes that, though.

Perfectly clear here right now and the radar looks clear. Great weather.

Great first quarter by HOG D

Open field tackling and a TO saves a TD

Not looking like a track meet so far either. But it’s still early.

Pick SiX baby !!!

D came to play so far

I’m eating crow and loving it, Go Hogs!!!

Stand up guy!

It did turn into a track meet in the fourth quarter and OT. Last team to score did win…

The Dline showed the nation it is pretty good.
Pulley impressed me by shutting down #2
Our starting LB’s are still playing too many snaps.