Facts and Bama

We are a very poor team when it comes to executing on the half court. What are we trying to do? Fact?
Shut down our guards or limit them and we struggle. Fact?
We do not work at blocking off the glass. Fact?
If our opponent turns the ball over excessively, then and only then do we have a chance. Fact?
Here comes a well coached BAMA team who create mismatches with well executed screens in there M2MO. Fact?
This Hog team has shown some toughness on the road against teams with average ball handling. Fact?
Sometimes I think we are a bubble team for the tourney and sometimes I think not. It will be interesting to see where we drop in the RPI.
Can the players put this loss behind them totally or will they realize OSU took them to the woodshed today? Talent, execution, toughness, effort. We did run into a buzz saw today. And yes it happens.
The finish of this season will be interesting.
Beware of the hype on the recruits. Play the recruiting card in the first two years not now. When you make that much money you get paid to WIN. The evidence is in the results.

Lots of questions not enough answers.



Undisciplined half court O.

Poor screens and lack of movement and taking low percentage shots.

Watch bill self KU O sets and watch us.

Yes I know we can beat mid majors and some conf but I hooe coach ants to correct

Here is an easy question to answer: is a 16-5 record considered winning?