Facilities rankings do they have them??

i have always thought ours were as good as anybody but I would like proof to feel better about what we are up against…I know recruits have said as much but I would like to know has their been a study on on it and do they have national rankings?

All I know is that Dorian Gerald said that the Arkansas facilities stand up to any in the country. I realize that is not what you asked, but it is good to hear, especially from such a highly recruited athlete.

A 2016 look at facilities by Saturday Down South:

https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-f … -football/

The Most expensive ones - Arkansas is in here:

http://www.stack.com/a/expensive-colleg … facilities

An article from 2015 that lists a top 11 that Arkansas is not in:

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1710 … e-football

An article from 2013 that ranked them 25th:

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1710 … e-football

With the completion of the current expansion, I’d say we will be in the top 10-15 in the country, all things considered. And, that’s just for Football.

When you factor in all sports - Football, Basketball, Baseball, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Softball, Volleyball/Gymnastics, Golf . . . We’ve got to be in the top 5 in the country. Don’t forget that we’re one of the few campuses in the nation with a separate facility dedicated to Women’s Sports.

I remember that a paper (The State) in S. Carolina did a complete facilities comparison about 15 years ago, and - at that time - proclaimed that Arkansas had the best all-around facilities in the SEC. A lot has been built since then, but I’d bet we’d fare well in the competition if it were re-done today.

It’s astounding to realize that Baum Stadium will soon be ranked near the bottom of baseball facilities in the SEC. Of course, that does not include the indoor training facility.

Arkansas does have a real advantage with the Jerry and Gene Jones Student-Athlete Success Center.

thank you Dudley I appreciate you looking all that up!

That is hard to imagine. Regardless, a great place for baseball.


That is hard to imagine. Regardless, a great place for baseball.

[/quote]At Swatters Club, DVH listed all of the schools that have, or will have, upgraded since Baum was last enhanced.

    • Ole Miss
    • Moo U
    • aTM
    • Florida
    • Alabama
    • Kentucky


I’ll have something about this on the website tomorrow.

The problem with the facilities war is that it’s always changing. When RRS was expanded in 2000, we had probably the #1 stadium in the SEC. Not in size, of course, but in comfort, etc. Now everyone has added indoor seats, club facilities, etc. I’m sure our NEZ & other modernizations created in our current project will help us, but I doubt we’ll catch Alabama or TAMU. They’ve had huge premium expansions in the past 4-5 years.

Hard to imagine Baum falling so far down the SEC list, but at least Baum leads or comes close to leading in attendance. I’m not sure what we could do to improve Baum except maybe add a few more suites & add some seats out over the right field fence/bullpen area.

I think Baum still is near the top of the SEC in places to watch a game. Where it has fallen behind some is in back of house areas like the clubhouse and weight room. Arkansas has done a nice job of keeping the front-facing areas modern with the ribbon boards, video boards, graphics, etc. There are a lot of comparable places to watch a game - Texas A&M, LSU, Mississippi State and Ole Miss among them - but there aren’t any that are undoubtedly better in the SEC. A lot of that has to do with the fans. They make the atmosphere. Florida and Kentucky and Alabama have or will have nice new facilities, but they don’t have a demonstrated commitment to the sport from their fanbases.

I’m not putting words in your mouth, Marty, because you did NOT say this (but others may read your comments and think it); just because those places have had major upgrades does not necessarily mean they have passed Baum. Some of them were a long way behind.

As Matt pointed out in his article, Baum just needs a couple of areas to be updated. But for the most part, it is still a spectacular facility. And when you factor in the indoor practice facility across the street, overall facilities are still at or near the top of the SEC.

That said, I’d love to see us take care of the areas mentioned in the story, and then add the center-field entrance and outfield seats shown in the long-range facility plan a few years ago.