F... D... You believe it? #16 FDU beats #1 Purdue

I love it!! Not just the win for FDU but the fact that the play by play guy took that line…

F… D… You believe it?

… from the old Al Michaels Olympic call of the USA hockey game in the 80s.


Fun ending. I hate all teams Indiana.

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For some reason Indy paper was all over my Facebook timeline today, with stories talking about Purdue players feeling disrespected and motivated by the FDU coach telling his players (without knowing he was being recorded): “The more I watch Purdue, the more I think we can win.”

I don’t think it was disrespect. If you don’t think you “can” win, you shouldn’t take the floor.

And I guess the FDU coach saw something.

I think we “can” beat Kansas,


Yes. A 16 beating a one has only happened twice, that I know of. 8’s beating ones are as common as sparrows. We absolutely can beat the J-squawks.

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I like what the FDU coach said after the game about his speech, it was the right message but got out to the wrong audience.

I don’t understand why it became a big deal, it’s exactly what a coach should say to his underdog team when facing a 1 seed. I’ve watched them and we can win this. What was he supposed to say, we had a good run winning our play-in game but now we’re toast?


Purdue has now lost to double digit seeds three times in three years. Matt Painter-Mr. February.

My former neighbor went to FDU. He jokingly referred to his alma mater as “Fairly Ridiculous”. Like the upset :smile:.

If I recall correctly, we once played FDU in the first round. We won, but it wasn’t that easy.