Ezell and the big 3 need to get hot for us to go to Omaha

They are the heart and soul of the lineup although everyone has contributed at some point especially Goodheart and Kenly but I think for us to get back to Omaha Ezell and the big 3 have to get on a roll.
We basically haven’t gotten anything from them since the 1st Tam game Ezell has been prone to striking out a lot and I’m surprised at that but he did get a hit up the middle on his last AB in the SECT so hopefully he can set the table like he has for most of the yr and the others can do what they have done their whole career hit with power and in the clutch we have played and hit extremely well at home so lets hope that is the cure for the last 2 weeks slump.

I agree.

When Ezell is on base Casey Martin sees a lot better pitches.

Good point. It’s hard to throw stuff outside with a base runner as good as Ezell. Those are the pitches Casey has struggled to lay off. He typically smokes anything left over the plate.

You betcha.

Although this came with the bases empty, but after fouling off a lot of junk to finally get a fastball over the plate. I believe Eduardo Perez predicted this would happen if he saw a fastball too.

I think after game 1 in Hoover the player packed it in! Nesbit had a double that was nice to see. Heston had a couple of hits. Fletcher and Martin were the K brothers at Hoover.
I would like to see Martin bunt for a base hit every once in a while.

Bottom line is that we need SOMEONE to get hot; actually, 3 or 4 “someones”. I’m just not as concerned with who it is as THAT it is. Not saying you are either; I’m just not going to speculate as to the who.

Well - other than to say I kinda suspect we may see someone in the bottom part of the order surprise us with a hot streak - maybe Nesbit or Franklin. If you will remember, that part of the order literally carried us the first month of the season, before Fletcher, Heston and CM warmed up. I also have a feeling Goodheart is back in stride with his last game in the SEC Tournament.

But if we are scoring 8-10 runs a game, I’ll be happy regardless of who it is driving them in.

I have a feeling Goodheart is going to have great regional maybe even a HR or 2 just feel he is about to go off.