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Could it mean our guys have so much energy at the beginning of a game and wear out and begin clinging in the second half? Saying it another way, does wearing out potentially mean our games might could be reversed in fouls if we used our bench more? Or, does it mean we receive our technicals in the second half–as one poster surmised that the “T” cost us the game?

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I saw 3 or 4 fouls called on us that should have gone the other way. In a tight game that’s everything. Of course if they get 13 more free throws that is tough to overcome, as well. But the zebras saw the Bears playing nearly error free - no one on their team had more than 3 fouls - while we had 2 with 5 and 2 more with 4…….and the pundits noted that “ George” took over the game at the end.

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I was at the game. Baylor fans were making comment’s to the effect that they knew they were getting very beneficial calls and the Hogs were getting none on the other end.

I’d expect that disparity when we are on the road. Home cooking is a very real thing. What drives me nuts is when the (home) games shows the same skew. Where is our home cooking?

Muss for 2 years hung his hat in playing tough defense, going inside, and winning the FT line. The refs are not allowing him the FT opportunities this year and when we do, this team is not a good FT shooting team.

Its just gonna be one of those crazy years and I hate that because this class has such amazing talent and a couple key losses have thrown it into a difficult situation.

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We’re at 69.8% which is mediocre, but opponents are only shooting 70% against us, so that’s a wash overall (the median FT% in the NCAA is 71.2). But we’re not getting the FTAs we need. We’re 40th in FTM; last year we were first.

I wish he’d do a stat on how many 10-0 runs the opponent has gone on under 5 minutes against us. I think it happened in 3/4 of those games.

Home basketball calls, we all love it when we’re home… on the road is not so much fun.

In the last game, the fouls flip flopped when they started playing a zone. Its harder for us to draw fouls when they go into a zone. Also we had a few extra fouls at the end trying to stop the clock.

We’ve got to figure out an offense that is effective against the zone but until we can consistently have a 3 point threat, that’s going to be difficult to do. To me that is the huge difference in losing Brazile and Nick Smith. Not going to zone as much when yuo have those two that can step out and hit a 3.


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I looked at the FT numbers just for conference games for this season and last.

This season so far, we have shot 167 FTs to opponents 196 in 8 conference games. That mean opponents are shooting 3.6 more FTs per game.

Last season, we shot 401 FTs to opponents’ 364 in 18 games. That means we shot 2 more FTs per game than the opponent.

I don’t think anyone believes refs were calling in out favor last season. So only conclusion we can reach is that this team fouls a lot more than last year’s. I think some of that has to do with this team not being as technically sound on defense as last year’s and some has to do with us playing from behind mostly and having to catch up on the road.

We are awful at protecting a lead, when we slow down and start dribbling just inside the half court line I start looking for nausea meds! WPS

I call that our “rope-a-dope” offense and I cringe when I see it.

I get the strategy; it’s just that we don’t execute it well.

I’m with you, I don’t think we execute it very we either. If you turnover the ball over ten feet from half court it’s a dunk on the other end quickly. WPS

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